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DOG BLOG: Pompi’s Photo Shoot

by Paula LaRocque on September 25th, 2010

by Pompidou LaRocque

[Note from Paula:  I’m going to let Pompi do a dog-blog from time to time.  He’s a toy poodle who doesn’t know he’s a dog and likes to have his say.  Below is his debut blog.  Feel free to comment—but mark your comment: “To Pompi.”  Otherwise, your references to my wet nose or sharp toenails might land you in the Spam.]

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I’m always thrilled to have company—any company at all—and yesterday morning, right after my breakfast of diced chicken breast followed by a chewy treat, I had another treat: The doorbell rang!

Now, when the doorbell rings, something great happens.  It’s magic.  The bell rings, the door opens, and there’s company!  Sometimes it’s someone I know and sometimes it’s someone new.  But whichever, I of course know they’ve come to see me—well, they make it clear, don’t they.  I mean, they don’t hug and pet and pat and scratch and talk baby talk to my folks!  That’s why I get so excited when the doorbell rings.  I try to keep it down, but hey!  I have company!

So there was Mei-Chun, with her camera.  Mom  has this idea you might want to borrow:  She wants to do a calendar for Dad—a surprise for Christmas, so don’t say anything.  Her idea is to have twelve different shots of me, separated by monthly calendars, in a spiral-bound notebook. The calendar pages can be removed at the end of the year, leaving a souvenir book of keepsake photos.  She says it will be “adorable.”   Whatever!  Main thing, I had company!

And what great company.   For at least an hour, Mei-Chun stayed with me, following me wherever I went—which was easy, because of course I was trying to stay with her and follow her wherever she went.  We could’ve both stood still looking at each other, but she didn’t let that happen. She got me moving, and she photographed everything I did. She photographed me from across the room and up close and up real close—took pictures of my nose and feet and pompon tail!   She said she wanted to shoot the details. Fine with me. She petted me and played with me, and—the best—let me lick her!  Mom warned her: If you let him, he’ll lick the eyeballs right out of your head.   As if!   But Mei-Chun knew that for the exaggeration it was and said: We’re fine.

To die for!

Mom says Mei-Chun is a genius behind the camera whose skills include a talent for shooting people’s pets.

By “shooting,”  I mean . . . well, you know what I mean. Anyway—ta da!—here I am!

# # #

Pompi the Texan

Mei-Chun Jau is an Emmy Award-winning journalist working in video and photography who has won many awards over her 14-year career—including multiple Katies from the Press Club of Dallas. In 1998, she garnered the Vivian Castleberry Award for Photography for her documentary work, and in 2001, the Barbara Jordan Award for photojournalism. Her acclaimed series of photographs, “For a Moment, Family,” increased awareness of Chinese orphans with disabilities seeking adoption in the United States. She and fellow photojournalist Kim Ritzenthaler chronicled the life of conjoined Egyptian twins, an effort that won a Society of News Design award, and in 2008, she collaborated on a multimedia documentary, a team effort that received a regional Emmy Award for Interactivity.

Taiwan-born, Mei-Chun was naturalized to the United States when she was three. She lives and works in the Dallas-fort Worth area. Among her specialties are editorial, fashion, corporate, advertising, portraiture and photojournalism. And, now, dogs! To see more of her work and for information/contact numbers:

And if you want to see Mei-Chun herself, here she is!

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